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What Can You Do With Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass has many benefits, it allows you to create a beautiful low maintenance garden that can be used all year round. But what else can you do with artificial grass. Today our team at ForeverLawn® Ltd are going to explorer just a few options you have with artificial grass that you may never have even considered.

Like Circles?

You can shape artificial grass just like you would a real lawn. If your sick of straight edges and fancy something new and fresh, why not try curves and circles. Any shape can be achieved with artificial grass so just get creative.

Children’s Play Area?

If you have kids then you know how much they just love to be outdoors whatever the weather! So why not create a play area in your garden for them? Artificial grass is the perfect base for a child’s play area, its soft and durable with the added bonus of no mud or grass stains!

Add Pebbles, Stones or bricks

Add a bit of colour and texture into your garden use pebbles in areas to create interesting shapes and forms. You can also create raised beds or rockeries. The contrast in colour and textures against the artificial grass is sure to look stunning.

Garden Corridors, Balconies and roof Gardens

Even if you only have a small amount of outdoor space you can still create a beautiful green space with artificial grass. The great thing about artificial grass is it doesn’t need soil, water or sunlight to look good, so if you have a small outdoor space you can have artificial grass installed to turn it into a small but beautiful garden, the same applies for roof terraces, and other small spaces.

Add Colour

Even if you don’t have the means to plant boarders around your artificial lawn that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate plants and colour into your garden. Potted plants and raised beds are brilliant ways in which to introduce a bit more colour and life into your garden.

If you haven’t already got artificial grass installed and you are desperate for a beautiful low maintenance outdoor space, then contact ForeverLawn® Ltd today for a free no obligation quotation - 01226 340373

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