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Artificial Grass VS Real Grass

Natural grass is cheaper than artificial grass, Astro turf. But requires an awful lot of maintenance and effort, not to mention the cost of fertilizers, pesticides etc. which can also cause injury to children and pets, Artificial grass, Astro turf does not require any of these materials, and is almost maintenance free Foreverlawn offer a once a year clean service this is all you really require as far as maintenance goes. The artificial grass, astro turf also has a special UV coating to stop any fading of your grass in the sun.


In most countries there is water scarcity making it difficult for homeowners to maintain there gardens even commercial premises such as Golf courses retirement homes and property development, Foreverlawn® artificial grass, astro turf does not require watering these turfs remain green regardless of climatic conditions, temperature or other environmental conditions.


Natural grass sports fields are not perfectly flat. They can develop dips mounds bumps and holes as these areas are used regularly which can cause injuries. Foreverlawn is placed on top of flat, level ground artificial grass, Astro turf is much safer when compared to natural grass which is why more and more sports organizations etc and schools are using artificial grass.


Foreverlawn artificial grass, astro turf comes in many "Any" Different lengths or colours from a just cut look to pretty much any look you would be hoping to achieve.









Q - Is artificial grass, astro turf Safe For Children?

A - Children will love it and the parents even more - no more grass
stains, no more mud, And artificial grass, astro turf is non-slip so no accidents

Q - What is the lifespan of artificial grass, astro turf?


A - Proven tests and long term results say 15 to 20 years, which for a perfect lawn is, excuse the pun, a good innings.

Q - Does artificial grass, astro turf fade in the sun?

A - The product has incredible UV benefits so any fading would be very minimal to say the least. Long term proven tests & statistics show very impressive results.

Q - Is artificial grass, astro turf good for pets?

A - Yes it is extremely pet friendly, just remove any excrement manually and then wash down or let the rain take its natural course. It has a 100% drainage system, so the waste just washes away and you are back to having the perfect lawn.

Q - Does artificial grass, Astro turf look as good as grass?

A - Artificial grass, Astro turf looks 100%, 365 days per year -- no fade, no weeds and no hassle.

Q - Can I barbeque on artificial grass, astro turf?

A - Barbecueing can obviously burn the product after all this product is made out of advanced man made fibres, so prevention is always better than the cure - only very hot objects that are dropped affect
artificial grass, Astro turf, so this is a rarity.

Q - What if an area gets damaged?

A - If your artificial grass, Astro turf gets damaged it can be repaired as good as new. A good tip would be to keep any waste for any repairs, just like a conventional carpet!

Q - What maintenance is required?

A - It is an extremeley low maintenance product. We offer a yearly clean to all our customers at a discounted rate to ensure that your artificial grass, astro turf will always be a FOREVERLAWN, 


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