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How To Work Out How Much Artificial Grass You Need

If your considering having artificial grass installed, then one of the first things you probably want to know is how much it will cost. The main factor that determines the cost of your artificial lawn is how much Astro turf you will need. Figuring out how much artificial grass you need can seem like a daunting task.

If you are based in Barnsley or the surrounding areas then our team at ForeverLawn® Ltd would be more than happy to measure up and provide a free no obligation quotation, however if you fancy crunching the numbers yourself before involving the professionals then check out our guide on how artificial grass is measured.

How Artificial Grass Is Measured

Artificial grass is basically an outdoor carpet, and is measured in the same way you would measure up for an indoor carpet in m². You would first need to know the size of the rolls of fake grass you are purchasing in order to measure your lawn in the most efficient way. For example, some rolls come in 2m wide and other 4m and so on so this would impact the way you measure so you can get more for your money.

Artificial grass is measured in m² so naturally it makes sense that it is also priced per m². There are many ranges and styles to choose from and this will also impact upon the overall price of your new artificial lawn.

Measuring Square and Rectangular Lawns

Once you’ve chosen your desired lawn and understand how artificial lawn is measured, you can begin to measure your garden. In order to determine how much turf you need, you will need to take into consideration the shape of the area you want to cover with artificial grass. The easiest calculation will be for square or rectangular lawns.

To find out how many m² you need, measure the length and the width of your lawn in metres. When you have these dimensions, multiply them. For example, if you a 5m (w) x 5m (l) garden, you would need 25m² of artificial lawn to cover the area.

For a rectangular lawn that is 3m (w) x 5m (l), you will need 15m² of artificial turf. Keep in mind of course that either the width or length will need to be rounded up to the nearest 2m or 4m length and there will be some waste from the grass. So, although the area is 15m2, a single 4 x 5m piece would be required (20m2).

Measuring Circular Lawns

First, measure the width of the circle/oval area, and then measure the length – both in metres. Like with rectangular lawns, multiply these two dimensions together. For example, if you have a 3m (w) and 3m (l) circular area, you will need 9m² of lawn.

With circular lawns, you will be still be supplied with a square or rectangular piece of lawn, you will then need to cut to shape if you are carrying out the installation yourself. If you decide to call in the professionals for installation this is something that they will do for you.

Measuring Angled Lawns

For those with angled lawns, you will need to approach the project exactly the same way as with rectangular or square lawns. Measure the widest part of the area in metres, and then measure the longest part in metres. For example, you might have a 4m (w) part at the base and a 6m (l) part on the longest side. Even if your lawn tapers off to less than 1m (w) at the top and 3m (l) on the shortest side, you will need to base your calculations on the longest and widest sections. So, a 4m (w) x 6m (l) lawn will require 24m² of lawn, even though some of that will be wastage when it’s cut to shape.

Measuring ‘L’ Shaped Lawns

First, split the L-shape up into two parts that separate at the right angle. You should end up with two rectangular pieces, and you will need to calculate these individually. For example, the longest part of the L (section one) might be 3m (w) x 6m (l). The second part of the L (section two) might be 2m (w) x 3m (l). This means you will need 18m² of artificial grass for section one, and 6m² for section two. Once you have these two measurements, add them together to determine how much you need overall. In the example case, you will need 24m² in total.

It is always worth double checking your measurements, particularly if 6your not going to be getting the professionals in to install your artificial grass.

If you would like one of pour artificial grass installers to come and measure your lawn and provide a free no obligation quotation, then contact ForeverLawn® Ltd today - 01226 340373

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