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Foreverlawn 60mm Authentic Lawn

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* Gardens * Play Areas

* Patios * Decking

* Flat Roofs * Terraces

* Schools And Nurseries

* Swimming Pools * Hot Tubs

* Boat Decks * Aquarium & Pond Areas

* Beer Gardens

* Caravans And Holiday Homes

* Practice Areas

* Golf Courses & Crazy Golf

* Spas * Cemetery Areas

* Restaurants & Pubs * Stage,Film & TV

* Marquees & Exhibitions

* Tennis & Sports Areas 

* Equestrian Centers & Theme Parks

* Landlord / Social Housing Sector

* Local Council Projects.


Visit your local ForeverLawn Ltd® Design Centre

To view our latest ranges please visit our

Foreverlawn Ltd ® DESIGN CENTRE located within

The Floor Trader Showroom

71-73 High Street 



S73 8HS


ForeverLawn Ltd®

 are trading as normal

and taking telephone enquiries for their

choose at home service in line with

Covid19 government guidelines.

artificial grass


ForeverLawn Ltd

You may be a customer looking for a low-maintenance garden, a company hoping to create a grassy area or a local council looking to use artificial grass for a community project. Whatever you need, ForeverLawn Ltd® offers artificial grass that can cater for multiple purposes.


ForeverLawn Ltd® is the most prestigious and recognised brand of artificial lawn in the UK with an outstanding product portfolio. Specialising in artificial grass, we have established an excellent reputation, as can be seen by our long list of well-known clients.

We can create your ideal artificial grass installation from a short summer cut to a wild 60mm pile height, offering natural looking grass without the hassle. From gardens to golf courses, from patio to play areas, from schools to spas, you are sure to see the grass is greener on our side.


Make your lawn a ForeverLawn Ltd®
With the 
ForeverLawn Ltd® Design Centre

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