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Artificial Grass: Winter Maintenance

With winter approaching you may be wondering how you will keep your artificial lawn in tip top shape. Fortunately, one of the main benefits of having an artificial lawn is that it is low maintenance and still looks luscious and green in the winter. There are so many things that you don’t need to worry about such as mowing, feeding, treating, weeds and even pests! With this said there are still a few steps that you can take to ensure the longevity and appearance of your artificial grass during the winter months.

Frost – you don’t have to worry about the frost during the winter as it will cause no damage to you artificial lawn, however it must be said the although you and your pets are fine to walk on your fake lawn while it is frozen, there is a slight possibility that frozen blades could snap so its best practice to walk on it a little as possible whilst it is frozen.

Don’t Let Snow Pile Up – A little snow won’t cause any problems however allowing snow to pile up can have a huge impact on your artificial grass surface. When it melts, the ground could be slippery and dangerous for people walking around in case they fall over - so don't forget about that little thing! Make sure not too leave any unwanted traces of this white stuff either; if there has been heavy falling during winter time then you should clear out all remaining accumulation immediately or risk damage from freezing ice-coated layers upon Layers which aren't only unpleasant but also potentially hazardous since these frozen pools might form underfoot when stepped onto at unexpected moments without warning. If you are removing heavy snowfall from your artificial lawn, then you should use a plastic shovel as a metal one could cause damage to the blades.

Sweep Occasionally – just like in the summer months it is a good idea to give your artificial lawn a quick sweep from time to time this will just prevent a build up of debris, twigs, leaves and anything else that may have landed in your garden.

If you would like artificial turf installing at your property, then contact ForeverLawn® Ltd today - 01226 340373

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