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How To Use Artificial Grass Indoors!

We all know the numerous benefits of having artificial grass in your garden, but have you ever considered having it installed inside your property? Obviously having real grass indoors would never be an option, there’s not enough sunlight, it has to be watered in order for it to thrive. This is now possible with artificial grass as it does not need any sunlight or water to thrive, and there are so many different indoor applications for artificial grass that you never have even considered.

If you are considering having artificial grass inside your home then check out some of the common applications below:

Putting Green: Any keen golfer would just love to have a putting green to brush up their putting skills from the comfort of their own home. Artificial grass provides a realistic surface, much better than carpet so that you can get plenty of putting practice in whist your at home!

Play Area Flooring: If your kids have a dedicated play space at home then why not bring the outdoors in? Artificial grass is hard wearing, cushioned and non-toxic so provides the perfect surface for kids to play. It is also easily cleaned, so you won’t have to worry about spills and stains like you would an ordinary carpet!

Transitional Areas: You can really help to continue the flow from your garden to your home by installing artificial grass in transitional areas such as porches, conservatories, and other such locations.

Indoor Sports: Fake grass was originally invented for the use in indoor sporting arenas. This is because it is easy to maintain, its hardwearing and it doesn’t require sunlight or water, this also allows it to be used in entirely enclosed spaces. This allows indoor football, cricket and any other lawn sport, providing a realistic surface to practice and compete on.

If you are considering artificial turf in your home or indoor space then contact ForeverLawn® Ltd today on - 01226 340373

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