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5 Reasons Artificial Grass Is Better Than Real Lawn

There are a multitude of reasons that make artificial grass a better option than a real lawn. We have chosen 4 of our top reasons below:

Aesthetically pleasing all year round – artificial grass is much like having an outdoor carpet. It only requires a quick hose down from time to time particularly if you have pets. Your grass will be a luscious green all year round with no adverse effects from extreme weather. It has a long life-span as well, meaning that it actually works out as a more cost-effective alternative to a real lawn. It also takes less time to maintain, meaning you can spend your time more effectively! Sit in the garden in the summer, or view it from your living room in the winter, it will always look spectacular!

No Maintenance – There is next to no maintenance involved with artificial grass. The odd spill or pet mess may need cleaning up but other than that it will look great all year round with no effort at all. With no watering, mowing, feeding or weeding to do this frees up plenty more time for relaxing and enjoying your garden.

Authentic – Artificial grass has really come on over the years and these days it can be very difficult to tell the difference between fake grass and real grass. The authenticity of artificial grass has played a huge role in its increased popularity.

Great for families - In the UK, ForeverLawn® Ltd is able to offer aesthetically pleasing all-weather grass which is perfect for those with big families and pets. Natural-looking and always beautiful, fake grass has been specifically designed to allow homeowners to show off their garden regardless of the weather. Let your pet run around in the winter and make sure your kids are playing in the safe.

If you would like to transform your lawn with artificial grass then contact ForeverLawn® Ltd today - 01226 340373

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