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Is Artificial Grass Pet Friendly


People normally choose to get artificial grass because they have pets. The most common reasons being that they are sick of the grass being discoloured and dying off due to their pets urinating. Urine scorched grass is something that inevitably happens when your pets have use of the garden.

Artificial grass never needs cutting and looks just like real turf. It can offer a place that will not be muddy and dirty so your pets and you can enjoy it all year round.

Artificial grass is as kind to your dogs as real grass is. It is also a lot harder wearing against the antics of the more playful dogs. If you choose a good quality artificial lawn, then it should stay lush and green for years.

Can My Dogs Dig Through The Grass?

We all know that dogs like to dig, especially the younger ones. The nylon/polypropylene fibres that are used to construct the mesh backing are exceptionally tough and will withstand a huge amount of digging or scratching. Most artificial grasses are resilient against pets being destructive but artificial grass is not completely indestructible. It is however very hard-wearing and pet-friendly. We would however encourage you to try and control your dog from doing this as you would with normal grass.

Can My Dog Urinate on Artificial Grass?

This is probably one of the most common questions we get asked. Unlike real grass, artificial grass does not soak up certain elements of dog urine and dog waste. We can assure you now that Artificial grass will not be harmed from your dogs urine or waste.

Your dog’s urine will drain away like rainwater so there will be no build up. When your dog poops then you would have to clean it as you would on real grass. After you have picked up your dog’s poop, you can hose down the area which will clean away any mess that is left.

We would recommend putting some cleaning measures in place as this will make your artificial grass stay healthier for longer and more importantly, odour free.

What is the best way to clean artificial grass?

Water – Using water is the easiest way to eliminate dog urine and waste on artificial grass. We would suggest using a hose as the power of the water will break up any remnants of waste that is left lying around. You do not have to become fanatical about cleaning your grass every time your dog goes to the toilet. But obviously the quicker you keep on top of it, the less likely you are going to have odours lingering.

Artificial Lawn Homemade Cleaners – There are many different products that you can use to clean your grass that will work well on pet odours. You could try some homemade alternatives which are as simple as vinegar and water or soap and water. Baking soda also works well when scattered on the affected area of grass. By using homemade cleaners for your lawn, these will be safer alternatives for you pets as professional cleaners can contain harmful chemicals.

Artificial Lawn Professional Cleaners – As pet owners, we become increasingly aware of chemicals that could be a danger to our pets. There are artificial grass cleaners on the market that are nontoxic, with natural ingredients and biodegradable.

It is important to maintain the quality of your lawn, as most people would class this as a long-term investment. So, cleaning your grass every so often with homemade or shop-bought cleaner will obviously extend the life of your artificial lawn. If you have multiple pets living in your household then it is important to keep on top of cleaning your artificial grass.

No More Muddy Paws

After a downpour of rain, do not panic about surplus water as artificial grass has an absorbent base which quickly drains any surplus water. This helps your lawn dry a lot quicker as well. Also, the sub-sand layer acts as a protection over the original mud base. This basically means no more muddy paw prints scattered through your house!

When you have artificial grass, the mess of the mud and dirt become a distant memory. Your dog can run around and enjoy being outside without getting covered in mud.

Should I Choose A Certain Pile Height for Dogs?

If you are choosing an artificial grass made from polyethylene or polypropylene, then the suggested pile height for pet friendly grass would be around 22mm to 30mm.

If you choose an artificial grass made from nylon, then we would suggest a pile height between 22mm to 35mm. Nylon is the hardest wearing plastic fibre used in artificial grass manufacturing and this type of grass would probably cope better with the constant use from your dog.

Some people may prefer a slightly longer grass and therefore the Aberdeen, with its 35mm pile,

Best Type of Artificial Grass for Dogs

When choosing artificial grass for your dogs, then make sure that you choose a hardwearing and durable grass. Choosing a nylon grass would be the better choice as it is made to withstand heavy traffic from regular use.

Always make sure that the grass that you choose has been tested and certified against harmful substances or chemicals. This is important if you are a pet owner.

Forever Lawn can help you when it comes to choosing your pet friendly grass Contact us today on 01226 340373

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