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Is Artificial Grass Kind To The Environment?

Science and technology has made significant progressions over the years, and it is now possible to synthesise almost anything. However, given the current environmental crisis the question is often raised of how eco-friendly artificial grass is.

Artificial grass was first introduced in the 1960’s and since then it has been subject to questions such as this, and many people still remain unsure of how artificial grass may be beneficial to the environment.

Here at ForeverLawn® Ltd we have a vast array of experience and knowledge when it comes to all types of artificial lawns. We have decided to share our knowledge by creating this guide of reasons why artificial grass can be environmentally friendly.

Reduces Harmful Emissions

Critics often argue that as artificial grass is not natural it cannot preform the same functions as natural grass such as converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

While this is true, you also need to remember that natural lawns require significant upkeep and to do this it requires electricity, fuel, and water. Petrol lawnmowers create air pollution, just one hour of petrol lawnmower use can produce as much air pollution as a 4-hour car journey. Powered garden tools contribute up to 8% of global warming!

As well as this real grass need regular watering, and the use of various chemicals such as fertilisers, weed killers and pesticides in order to keep it aesthetically pleasing, which can also have a detrimental effect on wildlife and the environment.

Protects Human Health As Well As The Environment

As we just mentioned above, fertilisers, weed killers and pesticides are required for the general maintenance and upkeep of real grass. It has been suggested using chemistry that these such products can contribute around 8% towards global warming. By having artificial grass installed you can protect yourself, children and pest from these harmful chemicals as well as helping the environment.

Preserves Water

Real Grass requires a significant amount of water to keep it looking a lush green colour all year round. It is thought that just one square foot of real grass requires gallons of water a year to keep it healthy. A significant amount of water can be saved by having artificial grass installed, not only will you be saving water, but you will also be saving money on water bills!

If you would like more information about artificial grass, or are ready to do your bit to help the environment and have your very own artificial lawn installed then contact ForeverLawn® Ltd today - 01226 340373

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