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How To Enjoy Gardening After Artificial Grass Has Been Installed?

If you have decided to have a beautiful low maintenance garden by having artificial grass installed but still enjoy doing the odd bit of gardening from time to time, then artificial grass is still the right choice for you. Although it may seem contradictory having artificial grass installed when you love gardening so much it actually makes more sense. By having artificial grass in your garden, you can spend more time nurturing plants and flowers rather then keeping on top of the lawn. It is common for people with artificial grass installed in their garden to still have a bright and beautiful garden full of life.

Below you will find a few clever ways to keep your garden bright and lively after you have had artificial grass installed while still keeping it low maintenance.

Potted Plants – By placing potted plants around your garden you can int4roduce a huge variety of flowers, plants and even herbs and vegetables! There are plenty of different plants and flowers that not only grow well in pots but flourish. You can be completely in control of what plants you choose to grow and how much maintenance they will need allowing you to both spend time gardening and just relaxing and enjoying it.

Hanging Baskets – Hanging baskets are a perfect low maintenance addition to a garden, they bring colour and life to any garden and they need very little upkeep. As they are hung from the walls, they leave plenty of ground space for relaxing or activities. There is a huge range of beautiful vibrant flowers then can be planted in hanging baskets including petunias, fuchsias, and geraniums just to name a few.

Indoor or Outdoor Herb Gardens – Herbs can be grown indoors or outside during the spring and summer months. This is a great way to grow some tasty treats in your garden especially if you don’t have enough time or feel confident enough to grow fruit and veg. Herbs will grow nicely all year round indoors, it would be a good idea to have them on a windowsill where they can get some natural light and they will require regular watering.

With artificial grass you can always be in control of how much gardening you are required to do it can be as little or as much as you want!

If you want more information on artificial grass or have already made your decision and are looking for a reliable artificial grass supplier and installer, then contact ForeverLawn® Ltd - 01226 340373

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