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How To Create A Low Maintenance Garden?

There’s nothing better than having a beautiful outdoor space to relax and unwind in, with this said keeping your garden in great condition can be very time consuming and even difficult for most. This is particularly true in larger outdoor spaces and if you add in a few plants and shrubs it soon becomes a mammoth task.

Here at ForeverLawn® Ltd we have worked with hundreds of families, couples and individuals to transform there outdoor space into a beautiful low maintenance space that not only looks fantastic all year round but requires very little maintenance to keep it that way giving them more time to just simply enjoy it. Our artificial grass installation service certainty goes a long way to achieving this luscious low maintenance garden, however there are a few other techniques that can be implemented along side the artificial lawn to give you the perfect low maintenance outside space everyone dreams of so you can spend more time enjoying your outside space than you do working on it. Below you will find a few of our suggestions for the perfect low maintenance garden.

Who May Benefit Most From A Low Maintenance Garden?

Anyone can benefit from a low maintenance garden, however those that feel their outdoor space demands more maintenance and time than what they are willing or capable of investing into it should certainly consider the alternatives. Here’s an example of people that may benefit more than others by having a low maintenance garden:

  • The Elderly

  • Young Families

  • Anyone with disabilities that make gardening hard work

  • People that simply hate gardening but want a beautiful outdoor space

  • People with irregular or late-night shifts

  • Landlords renting out properties

Create A Low Maintenance Garden

Now we have an idea of who may benefit most from a low maintenance garden, lets have a look at the hints and tips that can help you create one, just bare in mind when designing your garden that everyone’s style, taste and budgets do differ so even if the things we mention in this post don’t necessarily suit what you want you will still be able to take away some helpful tips and ideas that you can mould into your own perfect low maintenance garden design.

Consider Installing Artificial Grass

Having a nice luscious natural lawn is what most people would love to have, unfortunately, this is a much harder task than it would seem, particularly if your garden spends a lot of the time in the shade or has a lot of footfall, be it kids or pets running around, you are likely to have lots of muddy patches that can be quite difficult to fix. Not only this but it looks unpleasant when all you want to do is sit out and relax. Even if you had all the time in the world to dedicate to your lawn if it doesn’t receive much natural sunlight you will have a hard time getting it looking luscious even with all the grass seed, watering and mowing.

Artificial grass is the best solution to this problem, not only are they easy to maintain but they look great all year round, they don’t need sunlight, watering and they are designed specifically to cope with a heavy footfall so will be incredibly durable when it comes to kids and pets running around.

Another great benefit of artificial grass is that this low maintenance garden idea works well on a budget as there is a huge range of different artificial grasses to choose from all varying in colour, style and price so you will be sure to find one that suits your style and budget perfectly.

Paved/Decked Areas

Consider having a dedicated paved or decked area, these when done well can make a garden look luxurious and take very little effort to maintain. It is still nice to have a bit of green in your garden though so consider keeping a small patch of grass at the back or side of the paved/decked area not only for aesthetics but is create a nice safe place for kids to play if you have a young family. Raised flower beds also work well at injecting a bit of colour and life into the garden while keeping low maintenance.

Think About Storage

It doesn’t take much to make a garden look untidy, so thinking about having adequate storage space, such as a shed, storage box, you can even get furniture with storage built in, whatever suits your needs best. It doesn’t take long for kid’s toys to take over a garden so having somewhere adequate to store them all when there not being used will help keep your garden looking spic and span.

Even with a low maintenance garden there will still be the odd tools that you need such tools to look after flowerbeds or hose pipes even if it is just to fill the kids paddling pool! So, its always worth considering how much storage you will need and what will work best in your garden to keep it looking in tip top condition all year round.

Whatever your garden goals, if you want to achieve a low maintenance beautiful garden all year-round contact ForeverLawn® Ltd today - 01226 340373

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