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How To Clean Artificial Grass?

If properly looked after artificial lawns can last for decades, they withstand even the harshest weather conditions and tolerate heavy wear and tear. One of the main advantages to having an artificial lawn is how little maintenance is involved in keeping it in tip top condition, especially when compared to real grass that requires, sunlight, regular watering, feeding and weeding.

With this said there are a few things that you can do such as keeping your artificial grass clean that will help to look after your artificial lawn and help it get the most out of its lifespan.

What Is the Best Way To Clean Artificial Grass?

The best way to clean your artificial lawn depends upon what needs cleaning. For Example, how you clean up after a dog would differ from how you would clean up a spill.

Using the wrong products and materials to clean your artificial grass can lead to it damaging the aesthetics or even its functionality in tears of drainage etc. This is why our team at ForeverLawn® Ltd have put together this guide to help you know exactly how to clean and take care of your artificial lawn.

Large Debris

Any twigs, branches or other such debris should be picked up regular, most will already do this regardless of whether their grass is fake or real, but if you don’t it is a good thing to start doing as it will vastly improve the look of your garden.

Small Debris

Other Plants and trees around your garden may shed leaves and seeds, these will not naturally degrade down into the soil of your artificial grass so the solutions is to simply brush them away, or you could invest in a leaf blower if your budget allows. By keeping the small debris at bay your artificial lawn will remain greener and easier to manage.

Pet Mess

Unless you have a dedicated area for your pets to do their daily business away from your artificial lawn the chances are, they are going to use it as a toilet! This however all you pet lovers will be happy to know is not a problem. There are a few helpful tips that will have your artificial lawn looking its best again in no time.

Any solids deposited by your pets can be simply picked up with bags or a poop and scoop just as you would if you were out walking your pet.

Any liquids can simply be rinsed away with water to prevent any staining or discolouration and also help along with the drainage.

Snow and Ice

Snow is not an issue for artificial grass so the easiest thing to do is just wait for it to melt and drain away naturally. However, if you do need to clear your artificial lawn of snow for any reason then be sure to avoid using shovels as this could cause significant damage to your artificial grass. Upper levels of snow can be cleared with a shovel and the rest can be swept away with a stiff broom. Salt is also a no, no, as it can build up and effect the efficiency of the drainage system of the artificial grass.

Food and Drink Spills

In most cases simply rinsing with water and using a stiff broom to sweep up any debris will suffice. There is no need to use harsh chemicals or other cleaners such as bleach as this will cause more damage to your lawn than it will resolve. Chewing gum is a more common problem than you may think particularly if you have kids. If chewing gum or other such debris do get stuck in your artificial grass then a plastic putty knife or similar tool can be used, using an ice cube to chill the gum and help it loosen up has also proven effective.

General Maintenance

To keep your artificial lawn looking its best it is a good idea to brush it with a stiff broom every now and then. Other then this and keeping on top of any debris you can sit back, relax and enjoy your low maintenance garden.

If you require any more information about maintaining your artificial lawn or you have real grass and want the luxury of a beautiful lawn with very little maintenance, then contact ForeverLawn® Ltd today - 01226 340373

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