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Artificial Grass: 3 Ways To Transform The Front Of Your Property

The front of your property is the first thing that people see when they arrive at your property, so it is only natural to want it to be aesthetically pleasing.

It is in our nature to form opinions rather quickly, so it makes sense for the first impression to be a good one! Particularly if you plan on selling your property in the future, you will want the first impression to create a WOW factor! This way the positive reaction is likely to continue throughout the viewing of your home.

Artificial Grass is a fantastic way to transform a dull and lifeless front garden. Not only does it look beautiful but is incredibly low maintenance! Again, this will be a massive selling point for most home buyers if your looking to sell in the future. Let’s face it who wants to be lugging a heavy lawnmower all the way to the front garden to keep an overgrown lawn at bay?

Below you will find some ways in which you can completely transform not only the aesthetics of your lawn but also reduce tedious maintenance work!

It has to be said that you should never park a vehicle on artificial grass as it will get damaged but there are so many other ways fake grass can be used at your property.

3 Transformation Tips

1. Front Garden Artificial Lawn – There are many reasons in which you should consider having your front garden transformed with artificial lawn. For most, they want their front garden to be as low maintenance as possible, and many try to achieve this with a paved driveway. The problem with this is that it increases surface water run off and can give the front of your home a rather harsh look.

It is always nice to have a bit of green in your front garden and artificial grass provides this while requiring the bare minimum of maintenance. When compared to paving artificial grass is also a lot more cost-effective way to transform your front garden.

2. Ribbon Driveways – to strips of concrete with a strip of grass running through the middle to form a ribbon driveway used to be incredibly popular and unfortunately now it is quite rare to find one. Ribbon driveways are brilliant at reducing hard standing water and reduce surface water run off as well as creating a nice natural look. One of the reasons behind the decline of ribbon driveways was that the grass in the middle quickly turned to mud and struggled to grow, and if you were lucky enough for the grass to grow then there was the problem of trying to mow it! This is where artificial grass comes in, it is ideal for the perfect ribbon driveway, it never needs mowing, doesn’t need watering or sunlight and there is no mud or mess! It is worth keeping in mind that you can’t drive on artificial grass as it will get damaged so be sure to only include it in areas that will not come into contact with the tyres.

3. Anywhere Real Grass Won’t Grow – It’s a fact, most of us have parts of our garden that grass just will not grow no matter what we try! Often areas such as the side of your property or a dividing section between yours and a neighbors drive. Sometimes no matter how hard you try real grass just wont grow. This is where artificial grass really makes an impact. Artificial grass is perfect for anywhere that real grass just wont grow, any areas that are sheltered from sunlight or has a large tree hogging all the water grass needs to thrive. Obviously fake grass doesn’t need either of these to thrive so it will look amazing all year round no matter where you put it.

Artificial grass is an easy and low maintenance way to completely transform the aesthetics of the front of your home, it will also create a great impression for any guests you have over.

If you are wanting to transform your home with artificial grass in Barnsley, Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster or Wakefield then contact ForeverLawn® Ltd today - 01226 340373

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