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7 Benefits Of Artificial Grass In Schools And Playgrounds

Over the year’s technology has improved so much that these days artificial grass looks just as good as real grass. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing there are heaps of benefits that also come with it, most of which are particularly useful for schools and playgrounds.

Due the high volume of use real grass gets in schools and playgrounds it becomes worn, bare muddy patches appear and tracks are left where the heaviest foot fall is. When bald patches appear all, it takes is a bit of rain for them to quickly turn into muddy puddles!

With artificial grass these such problems don’t exist. It is extremely durable to can cope with a high volume of use and if correctly installed it will drain freely meaning no puddles and no mud!

There is also a financial benefit for schools and local authorities after having artificial grass installed as it is so low maintenance.

These Days there are a variety of different artificial grass surfaces that can be used to create sports pitches for, football, cricket, rugby, tennis and many more. Not only will this benefit school pupils, but it can also offer additional revenue to schools and universities.

Below you will find a detailed account of the 7 main benefits of artificial grass in schools and playgrounds.

1. Low Maintenance – This is a huge benefit for schools and playgrounds as it massively reduces maintenance costs. In most schools there is either onsite that carry out any maintenance or in some cases a professional grounds maintenance company is employed, both of these options cost local authorities a lot of money. By having high quality artificial grass installed it will last between 15-20 years and require very little if any maintenance.

When you compare the maintenance cost of real grass over 15 years to the initial cost of having artificial grass installed the savings far outweigh the initial outlay. Some of the maintenance costs that can be saved on include:

  • Mowing

  • Less fuel used for equipment

  • Savings on, weed killer, pesticides and fertiliser

  • Less wages to pay

2. Can Be Used All Year Round – usually after heavy rain or during the winter playing fields are a no-go zone in schools leading to P.E and playtime activities being restricted to small concrete or tarmac areas within the school. Playgrounds with real grass often have bare spots caused by lack of sunlight or heavy usage and these are areas in which mud puddles will form. This poses a health and safety risk as chances of slipping are increased.

Artificial grass can be used all year round, there is no mud to deal with and it is self-draining so it can be played on all year round regardless of whether it is summer or winter.

3. Brightens Up Dull Areas – This is where artificial grass really comes into its own. It can drastically turnaround dull and lifeless concrete and tarmac areas into vibrant green areas that are perfect for play. Almost any area of existing surface can be transformed into an artificial lawn or playground. It is also worth considering that a more attractive nursery or school can provide a better learning and playing environment for children. It can also attract new students to attend the school.

4. No Toxic Chemicals – most schools have to be shut down for a period when toxic chemicals have been applied to the grass to control weeds and insects and they can pose a risk to human health. With artificial grass this will no longer be a problem as there is no need to use weed killers, pesticides or fertilisers, creating a much safer environment for children to play and learn.

5. Better For Those With Allergies – Statistics from AllergyUK show that up to 20% of the UK population suffer with one or more allergic disorder. Hay fever or allergic rhinitis is by for one of the UK’s most common allergies and it is estimated up to 40% of children may be affected by it.

Grass pollen is one of the main causes of hay fever and when the lawn is cut it releases vast amounts of pollen into the air and this can have a huge impact on children and adults alike.

It doesn’t take much to work out that if a child is suffering the symptoms of hay fever their concentration and in turn schoolwork will suffer.

Artificial grass never requires mowing meaning there will be less pollen in the air for children or teachers to breath on reducing the effects of hay fever.

6. Safer Environment – Of course with any school or playground safety is key. It is proven that artificial grass can withstand high volumes of traffic and rough play without breaking down or eroding. As well as this it also complies with the head impact criteria set by the government. It is incredibly important that areas in which children play are safe, especially when play equipment is involved. This is easily achieved with artificial grass by simply installing 10mm or 20mm foam shock pads. These cushioned pads are specifically designed to protect against falls from up to three meters.

7. Perfect For Sports Pitches – Artificial grass is perfect for sports pitches from football to tennis. After all this is what artificial grass was originally designed for! It is an all year-round playing field, provides excellent playing characteristics such as ball roll and bounce and again low maintenance costs. The benefits don’t just stop with the student though, by having a 3G (artificial grass) football pitch built it can also be hired out after school hours which will bring in extra revenue for the school.

If you would like any more information on the benefits of artificial grass for schools and playgrounds or would like to know how you can transform your schools unused or unsafe areas into beautiful low maintenance play areas then contact ForeverLawn® Ltd today - 01226 340373

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