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3 Reasons Artificial Grass Is Good Whatever The Weather!

It’s no secret that the UK weather is unpredictable, one minute were experiencing a severe drought and crops and plants are dying off and the next we have horrendous floods causing just as many problems for homeowners and farmers alike! This is why artificial grass really makes a huge difference to any garden, it will always look fabulous no matter what the weather conditions, during long dry periods real grass can scorch and die off leaving your garden looking a bit worse for ware, and that same goes for heavy rain fall a once lovely green garden soon turns into a muddy mess. With artificial grass, you can guarantee that no matter what the weather conditions are you will always have a beautiful luscious green garden to enjoy all year round.

1. Its Durable – artificial grass is designed to handle heavy foot fall so no matter how much use it gets it’s not going to wear down into a muddy patch like real grass does, which is an added bonus after it has been raining as it means there’s no muddy foot or paw prints to clean up! And on the flip side during long dry sunny spells you won’t run your water bill up by constantly having sprinklers on trying to keep the grass alive an artificial lawn will stay a beautiful green with no water at all and the sun wont scorch it brown like it does t real grass.

2. More Than Just Aesthetics – Artificial grass not only has the curb appeal but it is also practical, if correctly installed it ensures maximum stability and drainage, so in wet weather conditions the grass will drain off and dry naturally and won’t become water logged like some natural grass gardens would.

3. Less Chance Of An Accident – This may seem silly and is often something that people will never consider however accidents do happen and natural grass when wet becomes a very slippy surface so having to walk across the lawn for anything or even letting the kids out to play is not really an option, unless you want twisted ankles and muddy grass stains to deal with. Artificial grass doesn’t get slippy so you can be sure that whatever the weather the kids will be safe playing on the grass.

If you haven’t yet made the switch to artificial grass then, contact our team at ForeverLawn® Ltd today and we can walk you through the whole process - 01226 340373

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